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  • Radish and Cucumber Salad - Miseria Salad

    Radish and Cucumber...

  • Salted doughnuts - pampukhy - with honey for Christmas Eve

    Salted doughnuts –...

  • Uzvar - Dried Fruit Kompot

    Uzvar – Dried...

  • Kutia


  • Palenytsia or chicken, pork and homemade bread stew

    Palenytsia or chicken,...

  • Kholodets (jellied meat)

    Kholodets (jellied meat)

  • Stuffed fish

    Stuffed fish

  • Varenyky (pyrohy) filled with blueberries

    Varenyky (pyrohy) filled...

  • Green borshch - Sorrel soup

    Green borshch –...

  • Kruchenyky filled with mushrooms

    Kruchenyky filled with...

  • Poltava style borshch with buckwheat halushky

    Poltava style borshch...

  • Crimean tartar chebureky with simple dough recipe

    Crimean tartar chebureky...

  • Stuffed marrows

    Stuffed marrows

  • Paska (with dried yeast)

    Paska (with dried...

  • Mushroom omelette

    Mushroom omelette

  • Vushka to borshch (video)

    Vushka to borshch...

  • Lviv style borshch

    Lviv style borshch

  • Beetroot kvass

    Beetroot kvass

  • Herring under fur coat - Shuba salad

    Herring under fur...

  • Homemade mayonnaise

    Homemade mayonnaise