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Cooking time: 5000 ( 15 ) mins
Serving: 14 people
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Beetroot kvass is a splendid ancient seasoning for a borshch without any artificial additives. Peel the beetroots, chop them roughly. Break the whole garlic bulb into gloves, peel them and slice.

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For dish:
Beetroot 2 kg
Water 2 l (boiled cold)
Garlic 50 g (1 whole bulb)
Rye bread 20 g (1 slice)

SMAKplus gallery Tip veg into 3 l jar, pour over water and place the rye bread slice on top. Cover the jar with linen and keep at room temperature.

SMAKplus gallery In 1-2 days a foam will appear, remove it carefully together with bread. Let the kvass ferment for 2 days, removing foam time to time. When the foam does not appear – the kvass is ready.

More recipes: Lviv style borshch, beetroot and sauerkraut salad, tsvikli or burachky (beetroot and horseradish starter).


Useful tip:Pickled beetroots are perfect to cook wonderful white borshch.
Rye breadg20207.261816.61.241.8

Weight total/per yield4070 g290 g
Cost total/per yield (approximately)11.77 uah0.84 uah
Nutritional value per 100 g:
22 kcal (low)0.8 g0.1 g6.1 g
125 Beetroot kvass en_GB Beetroot kvass Beetroot kvass Beetroot kvass

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