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Recipe of Shuba salad – Herring under fur coat

    Салат Шуба
    Cooking time: 120 ( 35 ) mins
    Serving: 10 people
    Preliminary price:

    Classic herring under veg fur coat known also as Shuba salad (Shuba – fur coat in Ukrainian) – everything except the potato. The matter is one can cook potatoes or rice or anything else as a hot side dish, and – voila – garnished Shuba salad is not snack any longer – but perfect dinner. Especially if the herring is homepickled and the mayonnaise is the egg-lemon-mustard-oil mixture, then Shuba salad is 100% healthy food.

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    For dish:
    Herring 200 g (boneless fillet of 1 medium-size fish)
    Onions 100 g (plus extra for decorating)
    Beetroot 600 g
    Carrots 300 g
    Egg 3 gr
    Mayonnaise 250 g (8 tbsp)

    SMAKplus gallery Boil carrots, beets and eggs in separate casseroles (carrot is ready in 20 minutes, beetroots need about an hour and eggs once boiling are hard in 7 minutes then quickly lift them out and plunge into cold water). Peel vegetables and eggs for Shuba salad.

    SMAKplus gallery Slice herring fillet for the salad (recipe of pickled herring with video-method how to fillet a herring you may see here) into small pieces and arrange the fish slices on a plate or in a dish (preferably transparent), where you are going to serve your herring under fur coat.

    SMAKplus gallery Peel the onion, cut into quarters then thinly slice into shreds. Pour over boiling water, drain in a second (due to this Shuba salad gets rid of bitterness) and arrange onion over the herring layer.

    SMAKplus gallery Grate the carrots over the herring and onion. Don’t worry if the carrot layer is uneven just spread it with a fork. Cover the carrot layer with mayonnaise (it will take about 4 tbsp mayonnaise).

    SMAKplus gallery Grate the eggs over the carrot layer, then grate the beetroots on top. Cover all over with the rest of mayonnaise and – if needed- trim the edges. Shuba salad can be decorated with onion half rings, aranging them like fish scales.

    SMAKplus gallery The herring under fur coat improves with keeping it for 4-5 hours in the fridge – it gives all the layers time to soak with mayonnaise and mingle. One may contemn the simplicity of the herring under fur coat but almost none is able to resist.

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    Weight total/per yield1620 g160 g
    Cost total/per yield (approximately)26.53 uah2.65 uah
    Nutritional value per 100 g:
    162 kcal (medium)4.6 g13.6 g6.9 g

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