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Kruchenyky filled with mushrooms

    Крученики з грибами
    Cooking time: 150 ( 30 ) mins
    Serving: 6 people
    Preliminary price:

    Kruchenyky filled with mushrooms are always honored among the traditional Ukrainian favourites along with varenyky and holubtsi (stuffed cabbage rolls).

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    For dish:
    Pork 1 kg (short loin)
    Champignons 200 g
    Sour cream 20% 50 g (2 tbsp)
    Oil 100 ml (7 tbsp)
    Carrots 100 g (1 medium-size)
    Onions 200 g (2 onions)
    Salt 10 g (1 tsp)
    Ground black pepper 1 g (1-2 pinches)
    Bay leaf 1 g (1-2 leaves)

    SMAKplus gallery For the filling finely chop 1 onion, heat 1 tbsp of the oil in a wok, then stir-fry the chopped onion. Wipe the mushrooms or wash them (as quickly as possible to prevent from soaking). Cut the mushrooms and stir-fry with the onion in the uncovered wok. Season the filling with about 1/4 tsp salt and pepper to taste.

    SMAKplus gallery Meanwhile cut the meat into palm-sized slices about 1 cm thick and finely bash them with a meat mallet – that will be the wrap for the mushrooms filling.

    SMAKplus gallery Spoon the filling on the bashed meat, fold up the shorter edges, then roll each slice up. There is no need to wrap the krushenyky with thread or fasten with toothpicks – the meat will stick firmly enough and the kruchenyky will not get loose while being cooked.

    SMAKplus gallery Heat the rest of the oil and brown the kruchenyky on all sides. Then remove them from the oil.

    SMAKplus gallery Chop the second onion and grate the carrot. Toss the vegetables into the oil remaining from the kruchenyky and stir-fry. Then add the sour-cream, season with 3/4 tsp of salt an a pinch of black pepper, bring the sauce to a boil.

    SMAKplus gallery Spoon half of the sauce into a baking mould alond with the bay leaves, arrange the kruchenyky in one layer on the top and sprinkle over the remaining sauce. Cover the mould with a sheet of foil and bake for 2 hours at 100C.

    SMAKplus gallery Kruchenyky filled with mushrooms can be served with any side dish to your choice.

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    Useful tip:Полядвиця - це частина туші від хребта, рос. корейка, англ. short loin. Найкраще м'ясо для відбивних і кручеників.
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    Sour cream 20%g5050602062.820.03.2
    Ground black pepperg11459261.30.07.2
    Bay leafg1127000.00.00.0
    Weight total/per yield1650 g280 g
    Cost total/per yield (approximately)83.32 uah13.89 uah
    Nutritional value per 100 g:
    299 kcal (high)9.1 g28.4 g1.9 g

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