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Ukrainian borshch – Recipe of Ukrainian borshch

    Пісний червоний борщ
    Cooking time: 80 ( 35 ) mins
    Serving: 14 people
    Preliminary price:

    Royal soup for either festive feast or everyday meal. To prepare the dish without meat you will spend less time than for classic meat Ukrainian borshch but that veg one tastes perfectly rich!

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    For dish:
    Parsley root 50 g
    Beetroot 400 g (3-4 beetroots)
    Butter 50 g
    Carrots 150 g (1-2 carrots)
    Onions 150 g (1-2 onions)
    Potato 200 g (2-3 potatoes)
    Beans 100 g (butter beans)
    Cabbage 150 g
    Beetroot kvass 100 ml (see the recipe)
    Sugar 5 g (1/2 tsp)
    Salt 30 g (about 1 tbsp)
    Bay leaf 1 g (1-2 bay leaves)
    Water 3 l (plus extra for beetroots and beans)
    Parsley green 100 g (1 bunch)

    SMAKplus gallery Pour 600 ml water over butter beans, put the lid on, bring to the boil, then remove and wait until cool. Peel softened beans (you can see video-method here).

    SMAKplus gallery Boil beetroots until tender (it will take about 40 min). Meanwhile chop onions, grate carrot and parsley root.

    SMAKplus gallery Put chopped onions and grated carrot with parsley into a large casserole and heat with the butter, stirring constantly. Then pour over about 3 l of water, cover and bring to boil.

    SMAKplus gallery Cut the potatoes into cubes, shred the cabbage. Tip the potatoes, cabbage and peeled beans into the casserole and boil covered with lid for 30 min.

    SMAKplus gallery Peel the beetroots, grate them and toss with beetroots kvass, chopped parsley leaves and seasoning. Tip the beetroot mixture into the casserole.

    SMAKplus gallery Bring the Ukrainian borshch to boil and remove immediately (otherwise it will lose its bright colour). Serve with sourcream. If you serve the borshch without sourcream, having used oil instead of butter it will perfectly suit the fast days.

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    Useful tip:Якщо немає бурякового квасу, можна додати замість нього таку ж кількість сухого червоного вина або 100 мл рідини з квашеної капусти або сік 1 лимона. If you haven't got beetroot kvass you may use instead the same amount of dry red wine or 100 ml liquid from saurkraut or juice 1 lemon
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    Parsley rootg505030.9531.50.611.8
    Beetroot kvassml10010010000.00.00.0
    Bay leafg1127000.00.00.0
    Parsley greeng10010099473.70.08.1
    Weight total/per yield4490 g320 g
    Cost total/per yield (approximately)38.04 uah2.72 uah
    Nutritional value per 100 g:
    28 kcal (low)0.9 g1 g4.4 g

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