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Stuffed fish – stunning modern Ukrainian recipe

    Фарширована риба
    Cooking time: 1140 ( 80 ) mins
    Serving: 12 people
    Preliminary price:

    Stuffed fish – what a stunning modern Ukrainian recipe! You take simple ingredients – a plain carp, root vegetables, spices – apply some time and effort, and there you are: not an ordinary stuffed carp, but dainty, melt-in-the-mouth fish!

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    For dish:
    Carp 1.2 kg (2 medium whole fish with heads and innards)
    For the broth:
    Onions 100 g (1 onion)
    Carrots 100 g (1 carrot)
    Parsley root 50 g (2-3 roots)
    Salt 8 g (2/3 tsp)
    Water 1 l
    For the stuffing
    Onions 100 g (1 onion)
    Oil 15 ml (1 tbsp)
    Egg 1 gr (or without egg)
    Semolina 15 g (1 tbsp)
    Salt 10 g (1 tsp)
    Sugar 4 g (1/2 tsp)
    White pepper 1 g (1 pinch)

    SMAKplus gallery Remove head by cutting just under the pectoral fins. Pull the gills and eyes off the head,without making an abdominal incision, remove all the innards and discard. Rinse the heads and fish out, then scale the carp and collect the heads and scales.

    SMAKplus gallery Pull the skin with the fingers then shoving the forefinger into the cavity separate so much skin from the side as you can escaping the area of fins. Then cut the fins and tails off (it can be easily done with the scissors) inside and outside the fish leaving a small amount of them in the skin. Collect the tails and the fins either.

    SMAKplus gallery Do not worry  about occasionally torn skin – you can easily sew it up. Cut the fillet off the bones (to make it thoroghly dip the backbone into a boiling water for 1 minute then take the remaining fillet away). Place the prepared fillet and skin aside into the fridge for a while.

    SMAKplus gallery Pour over the heads, scales, backbones, tails and fins with 1 l of cold water. Bring it to the boil, remove the foam and simmer for 2 hours. Be careful about simmering – do not let the water boil and the broth called court bouillon will be transparent. Then remove the first layer of peels from the first onion, peel the carrots and parsley root, dip into the broth and keep simmering for 1 hour.

    SMAKplus gallery Meanwhile peel the second onion, cut into pieces and stir-fry until transparent, then remove it from the heat and let cool. Then blend the mixture of the fillet, fried onion, semolina and egg (if one does not add the egg it will be 100% food for fasting days). Season the blended stuffing with the salt (about 1 tsp salt), sugar, pepper to taste and mix well.

    SMAKplus gallery Spoon the skins with the blended stuffing, sew up the cavities and smooth the surface of the fish with fingers. Season the broth with the salt, bay leaf or allspice to taste.

    SMAKplus gallery Lay a wok or a casserole pan with a clean cotton or flax cloth. Place the stuffed fish, pour over the broth and arrange the bones and vegetables among them. Cover the wok and let it simmer for about 40 minutes more.

    SMAKplus gallery Arrange prepared fish on a proper plate, remove the thread and pour over the broth through a sieve. You can decorate the dish with vegetables to your taste then keep the stuffed fish in the fridge for 12-15 hours (it will take the natural gelatine from the fish bones more to refridgerate until set than the one from the pack).

    SMAKplus gallery When everybody are at the dining table – hurrah! you offer guests something a bit special and impressive, this stuffed fish for sure will be a winner.

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    Parsley rootg505030.9531.50.611.8
    White pepperg11604.5261.30.07.2
    Weight total/per yield2660 g220 g
    Cost total/per yield (approximately)59.92 uah4.99 uah
    Nutritional value per 100 g:
    66 kcal (low)7.7 g3.2 g1.9 g

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