Uzvar – Dried Fruit Kompot

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Cooking time: 360 ( 5 ) mins
Serving: 12 people
Preliminary price:

Once upon a time some foreigners tasted our Ukrainian uzvar – dried fruit kompot. They couldn’t believe that this delicate (and for sure very healthy) drink is made of ordinary apples and pears. `C’est génial` – that was their `sentence`for our uzvar – dried fruit kompot.

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For beverage:
Dried apples 300 g
Dried pears 150 g
Water 3 l

SMAKplus gallery Rinse the dried fruit, pour over 3 l of fresh water and let it rest for 1 hour. Then bring it to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer covered for about 1 more hour.

SMAKplus gallery Add to the uzvar – dried fruit kompot sugar or honey to taste (the latter better to add to lukewarn uzvar in order not to spoil its usefulness).

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Useful tip:The taste of uzvar mostly depends on the quality of dried fruit.
Dried applesg3003001201993.20.068.0
Dried pears g150150123.162012.30.062.1

Weight total/per yield3450 g290 g
Cost total/per yield (approximately)55.07 uah4.59 uah
Nutritional value per 100 g:
26 kcal (low)0.4 g0 g8.6 g
125 Uzvar – Dried Fruit Kompot en_GB Uzvar – Dried Fruit Kompot Uzvar – Dried Fruit Kompot Uzvar – Dried Fruit Kompot

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