Varenyky (pyrohy) filled with blueberries

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Cooking time: 55 ( 35 ) mins
Serving: 4 people
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Varenyky (pyrohy) filled with blueberries are the best summer treat for kids and adults.

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For the dough:
All-purpose flour 300 g (a little less than 2 glasses)
Egg 1 egg
Water 100 ml
For the filling:
Blueberries 200 g
Semolina 10 g (2 tsp)
Sugar 20 g (about 2 tsp)
To boil:
Salt 10 g (1 tsp)
Water 4 l

SMAKplus gallery To prepare the filling wash the blueberries, drain them thorughly. Then add semolina, sugar and mix well.

SMAKplus gallery Mix 280 г of all-purpose flour and 1 egg together, stir in 100 ml of cold water and knead until you have a smooth dough (if possible use for kneading a breadmachine or a food processor).

SMAKplus gallery Tip out the dough onto a lightly floured worksurface, divide into 4, shape them into ‘sausages’ and cut into 10-12 pieces each. Form little balls from the pieces of the dough. To prevent them from drying place the balls into a plastic bag suitable for food.

SMAKplus gallery Roll the balls up as thinly as possible with a pin or simply with fingers. Place in the middle of each dough disk about 1 tsp of blueberry filling, fold the disk and stick the edges together to make a semicircle. Put the varenyky onto a floured worksurface in some distance each from the other to prevent them from sticking. Meanwhile bring to a boil about 4 l of water.

SMAKplus gallery After all the varenyky are made stick their edges once again so the blueberry juice will not leak. Salt the boiling water, toss the varynyky and stir carefully. Cook the varenyky for about 3 minutes after the water re-boils. Drain prepared varenyky, rinse and sprinkle with melted butter.

SMAKplus gallery Serve the varenyky filled with blueberries along with sour cream, sugar, honey or whatever you want.


Useful tip:Вареники з чорницями можна готувати лише зі свіжих ягід, не заморожених. Якщо хочете мати насолоджуватись цією стравою взимку, заморозьте готові вареники.
All-purpose flourg3003007.933410.31.170.6

Weight total/per yield4700 g1170 g
Cost total/per yield (approximately)15.12 uah3.78 uah
Nutritional value per 100 g:
27 kcal (low)0.9 g0.2 g5.6 g
125 Varenyky (pyrohy) filled with blueberries en_GB Varenyky (pyrohy) filled with blueberries Varenyky (pyrohy) filled with blueberries Varenyky (pyrohy) filled with blueberries

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