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Tag Archive for the ‘Christmas’

Salted doughnuts - pampukhy - with honey for Christmas Eve

One of the most delicious treats for Christmas Eve – salted doughnuts – pampukhy – which are dipped in honey and eaten. That kind of doughnuts is not so widely   Read More ...

Recipe Category: Рецепти > Christmas
Uzvar - Dried Fruit Kompot

Once upon a time some foreigners tasted our Ukrainian uzvar – dried fruit kompot. They couldn’t believe that this delicate (and for sure very healthy) drink is made of ordinary   Read More ...

Recipe Category: Рецепти > Christmas
How a hostess should get ready for Christmas and shouldn't get mad :)

A joke is a joke, but for a hostess Christmas is probably the most difficult time – as it is necessary to prepare 12 fasting meals and besides that some   Read More ...

Categories: Рецепти > Christmas

Fantastically simple! Properly boiled wheat berries, ground poppy seeds, chopped walnuts, fragrant honey – all of these make a wonderful kutia! Pour 2 l of cold water over the wheat   Read More ...

Recipe Category: Рецепти > Christmas