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Vushka to borshch (video)

More recipes for Cristmas Eve dinner: – kutia (recipe with video) – borshch – fasting sous with Wild white (King bolete) dried mushrooms – fasting holubtsi with potatos – stuffed fish –   Read More ...

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Lviv style borshch

Royal soup for either festive feast or everyday meal. To prepare the dish without meat you will spend less time than for classic meat borshch but that veg one tastes   Read More ...

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Beetroot kvass

Beetroot kvass is a splendid ancient seasoning for a borshch without any artificial additives. Peel the beetroots, chop them roughly. Break the whole garlic bulb into gloves, peel them and   Read More ...

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12 dishes for Christmas Eve dinner

Festive dinner on Christmas Eve completes fasting before Christmas. Traditionally, the menu of Christmas Eve dinner consists of 12 meatless dishes. Menu of gala dinner on Christmas Eve usually depends much   Read More ...

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