How Many Grams Are In a Spoon, a Glass (a Cup)?

If the recipe indicates how many grams of flour or sugar you need for a dish and there is no scales at hand – you can measure the required amount of ingredients with a tablespoon, a glass (the same as UK, Australian, New Zealand or Canadian cup (metric) = 250 ml) or a teaspoon. For example, […]


How a hostess should get ready for Christmas and shouldn’t get mad :)

A joke is a joke, but for a hostess Christmas is probably the most difficult time – as it is necessary to prepare 12 fasting meals and besides that some nonfasting, tasty and various feast meals for the next day `what if someone comes… so that we won’t be ashamed…` Of course, we don’t speak […]

Food habits

12 dishes for Christmas Eve dinner

Festive dinner on Christmas Eve completes fasting before Christmas. Traditionally, the menu of Christmas Eve dinner consists of 12 meatless dishes. Menu of gala dinner on Christmas Eve usually depends much on the regional characteristics and the abundance of a family. So wealthy families usually counted as dishes only 12 hot main courses on Christmas Eve […]